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Level 1 is a 4-day face to face course where you will:
• Learn about The Universal Rays – what they govern and affect
• Learn about the 12 Ascended Masters – the gateways of the
Universal Rays
• Understand and learn how to channel the energy of the Masters
• Understand and learn how to channel the consciousness of the
Rays to heal
• Learn how to cleanse with Pranic energy
• Receive channelled attunements to the Universal Rays and the
consciousness of the Ascended Masters so you can open to
channel this healing energy
• Learn how to read a clients’ soul path using the Universal Rays
and map what drives them in their life
• Receive a comprehensive understanding of the 12 energy bodies
• Learn how to use a pendulum for feed back during the healing
• Learn new information about how to heal through the chakras
• Learn to use 12 unique chakra codes
• Learn how to channel a full healing session using The Universal
Rays, working with the Ascended Masters

WHERE: Cornwall (exact location TBC)
TIME: 9am - 5pm each day
LUNCH: Lunch & refreshments will be provided each day
COST: Individual Price Level 1 is £485.00 + materials + postage

Material costs are:
Level 1 Manual and Set of Lower Chakra Codes: £58.00
Quartz Pendulum: £12.00
Postage Approximately: £15.00
Total Cost = £555 + postage

To register for this course please contact Jo directly via email at