Level Two Course 

Level Two Universal Rays Healing training assists you to manifest your Mastery on the Earth and resolve old karma that limits you in life.

During this training you will learn about working with the aspects/shadow selves and the energy held in the 7 lower energy bodies.

You will also learn about polarity energy and how we hold polarity in our being through our unresolved karma. You will train with the pack of channelled 28 Universal Rays Healing cards that will show you what consciousness you or your client needs to work on during the healing.

You will then proceed to introduce this work into the basic healing technique learnt in Level 1 and assist your client to resolve old karma and shift their consciousness.

The Ego/Psyche and Manifesting your Mastery on the Earth training includes working with the Masculine Ascended Masters and the 7 Lower Energy Bodies, Aspects/shadow selves, and resolving unresolved karma. Lord Melchizedek offers 3 Platinum Rays during this work. Plus there is an attunement to 7 codes for 7 energy bodies. Training is over 2 days

All students receive:

  • Course manual

  • Set of 28 Universal Rays Healing Cards

  • Set of 7 energy Body codes


Below are some of the Chakra Codes worked with in Universal Rays Healing