Janet O’Shea ~ Elshiana Ra’Heiya Sheehan

By August 21, 2015
  • Name
    Janet O’Shea / Elshiana Ra'Heiya Sheehan
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  • What I Offer

    Janet offers in person and distance healing sessions. A soul ray reading session may be offered as a stand alone service to help you understand the mission of your soul in this incarnation. If you are interested in the full Universal Ray Healing session the soul ray reading is included in the first healing appointment. Sessions will be recorded upon request.

  • Level Of Accreditation:
    • Level One
    • Level Two
    • Level Three
    • Teacher
  • Address

    Pearl River, NY

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  • Other Qualifications

    Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, Sound and Light Empowerment Healing Channel, Integrated Energy Therapist and Master Instructor, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

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