Teachers’ Certification

The Teacher’s Certification will take place over 2.5 to 3 days. During this time we will review all the training from Levels 1, 2 and 3 and you will be examined on each level.

You will be given an outline of how to teach the material over the 4-day training for Level 1 and the 2-day training for Level 2.

You will be given access to all attunement audio’s and material that you will require to teach Level 1 and 2.

You will be required to have a solid working knowledge of the following components to be certified to teach:

  1. How to ascertain your client’s Universal  Rays

  2. Offer a complete and in-depth personal Universal Rays Reading using all the client’s rays

  3. Working knowledge of the chakras, energy bodies and meridians

  4. Working knowledge of the body’s physiology (as set out in Level 1 manual)

  5. Understand how these all interconnect

  6. Understand how the Universal Rays cards work and how to determine your clients path

  7. To do this you will need to understand about polarity and karma

Teacher Agreement

To teach UR Healing you are required to enter into an agreement with Ishtar and Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd to:

  1. To honour and respect the value of the copyrighted work of the original author at all times. The Universal Rays Healing logo is a Trademark owned by Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd. All written work about the Universal Rays Healing is copyrighted and cannot be used or reproduced in any form, electronic or otherwise, without the express permission of Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd.

  2. We agree to only offer the Universal Rays Healing therapy as it has been taught and will not embellish this work or include it in other practices in any way.

  3. We agree not to reproduce or transmit any of the original work of the author as supplied in the written manual, chakra codes, energy body codes, Universal Rays Healing Cards and booklet, and audio recordings, in any form (including graphic, photo, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the express written permission of the publisher Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd or the original author.

  4. We agree to only teach the Level of Universal Rays Healing we have been accredited to teach.

  5. We agree to teach the Universal Rays Healing therapy as it has been taught to us and not to embellish this work or include it in other of our teaching practices in any way.

  6. We agree to complete all 36 practice sessions for Level 1, 2 and 3 before applying to be accredited to teach Universal Rays Healing, even if we have attended the 4-day Level 4 Teacher Training course.

  7. We agree to complete these 36 practice sessions using the supplied questionnaires in the Dropbox folder for each level to a competency that is required by Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd.

  8. We agree to only teach to the level we are accredited to teach – Level 1, 2 or 3 – as designated by Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd.

  9. We agree to attend a one day revision of Universal Rays Healing either in person or via webinar once a year.

  10. We agree that if we have only been given permission to work as a co-teacher of Level 1 for 6 months to sit a small test and supply a testimonial from at least 1 co-teacher as well as meet the standard of competency required to become a teacher in your own right at the level designated.

  11. We agree to pay the AUD$150 annual subscription teacher fee to remain registered as an accredited teacher.

  12. We agree to pay 10 per cent of each students’ fee paid to Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd – this fee to be included in the cost of materials we order.

  13. We agree to order all teaching manuals, codes and educational material needed for our students from Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd at a price that will be set each year. An order form for each level is supplied in the teacher Dropbox file and must be used for orders to be delivered. Prices are wholesale and postage is extra. Please liaise with Ishtar’s Assistant for postage costs.

  14. We agree this order form needs to be supplied in a timely manner to Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd to ensure on time delivery of materials for your courses.

  15. We agree to promptly pay the supplied invoice for all materials ordered for Universal Rays Healing courses.

  16. We agree to take full responsibility for all insurance documents and costs required to practice Universal Rays Healing or to teach Universal Rays Healing in accordance with the laws of the country where we live with indemnity.

  17. We agree to join the Facebook Teachers Group for Universal Rays Healing so we are kept up to date with new information on a regular basis and to connect with other teachers. (This is a secret Facebook group).

  18. WE agree to supply Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd with the names, addresses and emails of all of our Universal Rays Healing students so they may receive their practitioner certificates in a timely manner.

  19. We agree that Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd will send out all accreditation certificates to our students when they are ready to be accredited.

  20. We agree to notify Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd when our students have completed all practice sessions to a level of competency that meets our approval so an accreditation certificate may be issued.

  21. We agree to ensure all our students join the Facebook Student Group where possible. Please ensure they are given these details at your workshops.

  22. We agree to check and correct all 12 practice sessions for each student and send corrections and suggestions back to the students for each level we teach and ensure the student has achieved a level of competency before we accredit them to that level.

  23. We agree to supply the practitioner letter and agreement to be signed by each student in the Level 1 workshop. This letter is supplied by Destiny Media Pty Ltd in your teacher’s Dropbox folder. In this letter all students are asked to sign an agreement in order to become a practitioner of the Universal Rays Healing therapy and pay an annual $100 subscription fee to remain accredited.

  24. To scan/post a copy of the duly signed practitioner agreement from each student back to Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd promptly after your course has completed.