Universal Rays Healing Teachers

We have many teachers now in Europe and the United States with more coming to other countries soon. Please look at our events calendar for next the next teaching workshops or contact one of our teachers directly.

The Universal Rays Healing Therapy has been successfully taught around the world including in Sydney, London, South of France, Geneva, and New York. It is taught in both English and French.

Learn to work with the consciousness of the 12 Masters of the Universal Rays and assist your clients to move into balance in their lives – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

During the Level 1 course you will receive special attunements to the Prana of the Earth, 5 Angels of Healing and 12 Ascended Masters so that you can open to channel this healing energy.

Working with the Ascended Masters and the creation consciousness of the Universal Rays allows you to step back into alignment to your true nature and to follow the path that your soul chose to walk in this lifetime.

While you work with this healing program you are completely oversouled by the 12 Ascended Masters who offer this program in service to humanity.

When you work with the Universal Ray Healing program you see many shifts in your life because as much as you offer these healing rays to others you also receive this vibrational energy for yourself and this energy in turn affects your reality.

When you receive and transmit the rays (channel), the consciousness of vibration that they hold moves through your own energy fields and this affects you as much as your clients.

Open your heart to work with the consciousness of the 12 Masters of the Universal Rays and connect with the power of creation from Source.




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