Rai’shael (Bronwyn Hamilton)

What I Offer

As a Level 3 Universal Rays Healing Practitioner, with the assistance of the Ascended Masters and a set of channelled cards your Soul guides us through a process to assist you in what your Soul wishes you to address right now on your healing journey.

This is very specific guidance that assists us to work with your chakras, meridians and energy bodies, as well as your physical body to shift what is in resistance or in deep pain so you can let go and surrender .. allowing you to release old unresolved karma and consciousness that is causing you distress and dis-ease in your life and stopping you from reaching your highest potential in all areas of your life.

Level Of Accreditation:

Level One
Level Two
Level Three



Umina Beach, NSW. (Long distance skype sessions available)





Other Qualifications

Energetic Healer, Divine Channel, Mentor of Love & Wisdom, Teacher of “Open To Channel” & "The Masters Way"~ Self Mastery courses.